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Lawn Rejuvenation Services

Double A Lawn Rejuvenation

Lawn rejuvenation is the key to transforming a tired, lackluster lawn into a vibrant, lush oasis. Our lawn rejuvenation services are designed to address common issues such as bare spots, weed infestations, compacted soil, and thinning grass. With a holistic approach, we assess the specific needs of your lawn and create a customized plan to revitalize it. From dethatching and aerating to overseeding and fertilizing, we employ proven techniques and high-quality products to restore the health and beauty of your lawn. Our expert team pays attention to every detail, ensuring proper soil preparation, precise application, and meticulous care. The result is a rejuvenated lawn that stands out with its thick, green grass, improved root system, and enhanced resistance to environmental stressors. Trust us to breathe new life into your lawn and create an outdoor space you can be proud of.

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Our Specialties

Double A Lawn Thatching


Detaching is a process that removes layers of natural debris between the soil and base of the grass. It removes the barrier blocking the air, water, fertilizer and other nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass.

Our thatching service is designed to improve the health and appearance of your lawn. By removing the layer of dead grass and debris that accumulates on the surface, we promote better air circulation and water absorption, allowing your lawn to thrive.

Double A Lawn Aeration


Helps relieve soil compaction, Allowing air, water and fertilizer to better reach the roots of the grass allowing a greener thicker lawn.

Promote healthier root development and enhance your lawn's overall health with our aeration services. By creating small holes in the soil, we improve water and nutrient absorption, reduce soil compaction, and encourage robust grass growth. Say goodbye to thatch buildup and achieve a more resilient and vibrant lawn with our professional aeration techniques.

Double A Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization Program

Consisting of 6 applications starting in the preseason to late fall.

  1. First application is applied the first week of march (preseason) and includes bug killer, weed killer and crab grass preventer.
  2. Second application is applied in the third week of April (early spring) and a high nitrogen product is used to help boost the growth of new grass and grass seed.
  3. Third application is applied in the last week of may (late spring) and it is a balanced formula consisting of equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to ensure proper water absorption and tolerance to heat and traffic.
  4. Fourth application is applied in the second week of July (early summer) and it is a balanced formula consisting of equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to ensure proper water absorption and tolerance to heat and traffic.
  5. Fifth application is applied in the third week of August (late summer) and it is a balanced formula consisting of equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to ensure proper water absorption and tolerance to heat and traffic.
  6. Sixth application is applied the first week of October (early fall). This is a winterizing product to assist the grass roots in absorbing and storing the necessary nutrients to survive the harsh winter.
Double A Lawn Bare Spot Repair

Expert Bare Spot Repair

We evaluate the cause of the bare spot and inform the customer the cause and the remedy required to correct the problem and ensure it will not occur again.

Unsightly bare spots can detract from the beauty of your lawn. Our bare spot repair service targets these areas, providing effective solutions to re-establish healthy grass growth. From proper soil preparation to selecting the right grass variety, we ensure seamless integration and a uniform appearance.

Double A Lawn Seeding


Done either early spring or early fall. We can seed an entire yard starting from nothing or over seed an established lawn to help create a thicker, stronger lawn.

If your lawn has bare patches or thinning areas, our seeding service is the perfect solution. We use high-quality grass seed and employ proper techniques to promote even germination and establish a dense and vibrant lawn. Enjoy a rejuvenated landscape with our professional seeding services.

Double A Lawn Topsoil


Mulch and other loose materials can be delivered to your home by the yard and expertly placed and leveled in the areas of need. All done by hand no heavy machinery on your property.

Topsoil is a valuable resource that plays a crucial role in the health and vitality of your lawn and garden. It is the uppermost layer of soil, rich in organic matter, nutrients, and beneficial microorganisms. Topsoil provides the foundation for strong root growth and supports the development of healthy plants. Its ability to retain moisture helps to regulate water absorption and prevent erosion. Whether you need to fill in low areas, improve drainage, or enhance the fertility of your soil, adding topsoil can be a game-changer. Our premium topsoil is carefully selected and screened to ensure optimal quality, free from contaminants and unwanted debris. With our topsoil, you can create an ideal growing environment, giving your plants the best chance to thrive and flourish.

Double A Lawn Topsoil

Shrub Trimming

With our shrub trimming services, you can be confident that your shrubs will flourish and contribute to the beauty of your outdoor space. Our skilled team will handle the task with precision and care, ensuring your shrubs remain healthy and well-maintained year-round.

Double A Lawn Topsoil

Weekly Maintenance

Double A Pressure Washing & Lawn Rejuvenation offers comprehensive weekly lawn maintenance services to ensure your lawn remains healthy, vibrant, and visually appealing throughout the year. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional care and attention to detail for your lawn.

Lawn Renovation

Are you looking to rejuvenate your lackluster lawn? Our professional lawn renovation services are just what you need! With years of experience and expert knowledge, we specialize in transforming tired lawns into lush, vibrant green spaces that are the envy of the neighborhood. Our skilled team employs the latest techniques, from aerating and overseeding to dethatching and soil testing, to ensure your lawn gets the care it deserves. Say goodbye to patchy, unhealthy grass and welcome a revitalized and thriving lawn that enhances your property's curb appeal. Contact us now for top-notch lawn renovation solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Trust us to make your dream lawn a reality!

Double A Lawn Renovation Services
Double A Lawn Renovation Services

Client Testimonials

Absolutely the best company, I have ever dealt with. They do amazing work, their prices cannot be beat and most importantly they are honest and professional. Highly recommend this company, can't wait for them to do more work for us. Thank you, Jay @ Double A!!!

Melina Rodriguez-Badalamenti

Jeremy and his crew were extremely professional and did an amazing job on my deck, driveway and walkway! Jeremy went above and beyond!!! I highly recommend Double A Pressure Washing & Lawn Rejuvenation.

Karen Roe